Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation 2022

Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation 2022 focuses on the Risk Management Framework prescribed by NIST Standards. This course is current as of February 2022. It was revised due to NIST producing new and updated publications over the preceding two years, including NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-37, R2; SP-800-53, R5; SP 800-160, versions 1 and 2; and SP 800-171, R1 (among others).

2 – Day Introduction Class

Chapter 1: RMF, Cybersecurity policy regulations, and roles and responsibilities

Module A: Introduction to RMF
Module B: Cybersecurity policy regulations and framework
Module C: RMF roles and responsibilities

Chapter 2: Risk Analysis

Module A: Risk management
Module B: Risk assessment and the RMF process

Chapter 3: The RMF process

Module A: Step 0—Prepare
Module B: Step 1—Categorize
Module C: Step 2—Select
Module D: Step 3—Implement
Module E: Step 4—Assess
Module F: Step 5—Authorize
Module G: Step 6—Monitor

Appendix A: Supplemental reference

Appendix B: RMF review and steps checklists

Appendix C: Acronym reference

Appendix D: Answer key—Chapter 3 lab exercises

1 – Day Intermediate Class

  • Understanding Zero Trust and Underlying Federal Requirements
  • Appreciate the Security Shared Responsibility Model in Cloud Computing
  • Learn Practical Suggestions When Applying These Concepts to Compliance Programs & Risk Management Programs

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