PL/SQL is Oracle’s extension language for standard SQL. In this 5 day PL/SQL training class, students who already know SQL, learn to use PL/SQL to write sophisticated queries against an Oracle database.

Learning Objectives of this Class

  • Understand the PL/SQL
    Development Environment.
  • Learn the basics of
    the PL/SQL language.
  • Learn to declare and
    work with variables.
  • Learn to use
    conditionals and loops in PL/SQL.
  • Learn to handle and
    create user-defined exceptions.
  • Learn to use SQL
    within PL/SQL.
  • Learn about nested
    blocks and variable scope.
  • Learn to create
    Subprograms, Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Learn to work with
    Packages, Triggers and Cursors.
  • Learn to use Oracle
    Supplied Packages.

To Hire an AMS Subject Matter Expert that works as a Oracle PL/SQL
consultant in the field & teaches this class, call 800-798-3901 today

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