Oracle SOA Suite 11g Development I Workshop

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product line. Oracle SOA Suite 11g works with internal Oracle products and all SOA compliant products. Oracle SOA Suite 11g is complete and integrated to provide a complete SOA solution.

  • JDeveloper toolset which can be used by business users and developers so they can work together to develop business applications.
  • A single Business Process Platform with which to orchestrate people, systems and documents into processes that can be monitored and optimized in real time.
  • A 100% standard platform that is service enabled and easily consumable by modern web applications, allowing enterprises to quickly and easily adapt to changes in their business and IT environments.
  • Greater visibility, controls and analytics to govern how services and processes are deployed, reused and changed across their entire lifecycle.

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is the only complete, integrated, best of breed and hot-pluggable SOA platform available today. It has a comprehensive view on the entire software lifecycle process, providing everything needed from planning, to development, production and eventual requirement of all IT assets, whether they be applications, services or even hardware. SOA Suite 11g simplifies SOA development and management by implementing the following key standards, strategies, technologies and tools:

  • Service Component Architecture
  • Unified Design-time Environment
  • Unified Runtime Environment
  • Centralized Management and Monitoring

Integration with Oracle governance and service lifecycle management components gives you everything you need to be successful with a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Class Benefits

At the conclusion of this course, students will walk away with an understanding of SOA Suite Development on the SOA Suite 11g platform. This workshop (in addition to the advanced workshop) also prepares students for taking the Oracle SOA exam.


  • Java Programming
  • Web Services
  • Basic SOA Concepts

Class Length

5 Days

Class Outline

  • Introduction to SOA Suite 11g
  • BPEL Component
  • Mediator Component
  • Business Rules Component
  • Human Workflow Component
  • Binding Components
  • XSLT
  • Event Delivery Network
  • OWSM
  • Automated Testing Framework

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