Online learning hits new benchmark, survey indicates

Regardless of which business sector today's students are trying to enter, one thing is certain, many of these individuals are now taking online classes. According to the 2011 Survey of Online Learning, the number of students that are taking at least one online course has now passed 6 million, which means that now about one out of every three students are taking a class via the internet.

Among the key findings in the report were that the number of students taking online classes rose by more than 500,000 from 2010. In addition, in a poll of the nation's academic leaders, researchers found that many of these individuals now believe the level of student satisfaction with online courses is on par with that of traditional in-class learning environments.

"The rate of growth in online enrollments is ten times that of the rate in all higher education," study co-author and Babson College professor I. Elaine Allen said in a press release detailing the recent findings. "While growth rates have declined somewhat from previous years, we see no evidence that a dramatic slowdown in online enrollments is on the horizon."

Many students who want to work in information technology choose to engage in online learning whether they are enrolled in a four-year college or alternative program. For example, taking Oracle or Cisco VoIP training online can be great for students who already know that they want to specialize in a certain field or for IT professionals looking to increase their qualifications.

Before going for their certifications, however, these individuals may benefit from taking online courses that help them enhance their existing skills. 

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