Implementing Forefront Threat Management and Unified Access Gateway 2010

Security is a top concern for many companies, as cyber-crime continues to proliferate on the Web. Due to the threat of experienced hackers, businesses now find that the important data they house for employees, clients and customers could be at risk, potentially hurting the company's reputation and driving away potential business.

As such, IT professionals who can market themselves by showcasing their ability to create secure Web gateways for clients may be able to secure satisfy positions in the industry.

Fore example, Implementing Forefront Threat Management and Unified Access Gateway 2010 classes provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to become competitive in this segment of the IT field. By learning to envision, deploy and design Web access, remote access and mail protection solutions using these programs, IT job seekers can learn how best to navigate the deployment process.

After completing these courses, IT professionals will understand how to describe a brief history of the Microsoft edge security products, describe key scenarios for Forefront TMG and SKU differentiations and explain the installation requirements and install processes for the software. In addition, these students will be able to explain the security features and benefits added by Forefront TMG in each publishing scenario and discuss new features for remote access gateways.

However, since these skills can be difficult to learn, interested IT professionals who want to advance their career may benefit from taking classes with a Microsoft certified instructor who has experience working in this part of the industry. By searching for an online provider that offers affordable classes and access to existing professionals, IT job seekers can compete for new positions in the field this year.

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