Certified Information Systems Security Professional Training

Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate that roughly 200,000 Americans currently work in information security. But, due to the rising number of data breaches and the increase in the prevalence of technology in the workplace, this figure is expected to increase with time.

As a result, aspiring IT professionals who want to gain a new position – perhaps, in states such as California, Texas and New York, where these jobs are most often found – may benefit by enrolling in online courses that could help them build the skills needed to attract the attention of potential employers.

When looking in course catalogs, one type of class that may catch the eye of these individuals are Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) training courses with certified instructors. However, these classes may be best suited to existing industry professionals, as according to most experts, those who take this exam need at least five full years working in the industry.

The credential can be valuable, though, as it certifies professionals based on their ability to develop IT policies and procedures that increase security. Due to the need for the architects of these policies, professionals who hold CISSP certifications may also be able to demand lucrative salaries in return for their services.

Estimates from the BLS suggest that professionals in certain parts of the country earn an hourly wage of more than $40, and a yearly salary of roughly $80,000. This means that those who pursue CISSP certification now may be building a career that can ensure their short- and long-term financial well-being.

However, these professionals may need to continue to enroll in new courses that can increase their training, as while cloud computing servers and mobile applications need to be protected today, tomorrow's technologies could be vastly different.

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