Basic z/OS MVS Operations

This 3 day class introduces students to the skills necessary to operate z/OS MVS/JES2
systems.  The students will learn:

  • The purpose of MVS and its role in the
    functioning of a computer system.
  • The purpose of JES2 and the components of a JES2
    system, including; The JES spool and spool volumes,
    Initiators and job classes, printers and output classes and
    RJE networks.
  • The structure of the computer hardware and the
    z/OS MVS system.
  • z/OS MVS operator commands and SDSF panels used
    to; Manage consoles, Determine system status,
    Display and manage system jobs and tasks,
    Display and manage storage devices and channels,
    Send messages to TSO users and other consoles and
    Define PF keys to automate console commands.
  • JES2 operator commands and SDSF panels used to;
    Display job status, manage jobs, Display job output status, and
    Manage job output and printers.

A series of written exercises and case studies are used to reinforce the lecture material.


Operations and Technical Support personnel.


A basic understanding of data processing concepts from previous experience (any
vendor) or self‑study.

Course Agenda

z/OS MVS Consoles

  • Concepts
  • Types of Consoles
  • Format of Console Messages
  • Methods of Deleting Messages
  • Display Areas


  • Introduction
  • Displaying the System Log
  • Entering Console Commands
  • User Log Display
  • SDSF Print Facility

Monitoring and Managing System Activity

  • Types of System Activity
  • Managing System Activity;
    MVS Commands, SDSF Active Display

Job Management

  • Initiators and Job Classes
  • Initiator Management; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Initiator Display

Job Management

  • Job Execution Messages
  • Job Management
  • Controlling Throughput
  • Job and Task Termination

JES2 Queue Management

  • JES2 Queues
  • JES2 Status Displays; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Status Display
  • Holding and Releasing Jobs; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Input Queue Display
  • Holding and Releasing Job Classes; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Job Class Display

Device Management

  • Terminology
  • I/O Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Displaying Channel Configuration Status
  • Changing Channel Path Status
  • Varying Device Paths
  • Varying Paths
  • Changing Configuration Status
  • Displaying Device Status
  • SMS
  • Mount Requests
  • Problem Resolution

Job Output Management

  • Output Classes
  • Output Groups
  • Managing Job Output; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Output Queue Display

Printer Management

  • Printer Classes
  • Displaying Printer Status
  • Printer Messages
  • Managing Printers; JES2 Commands,
    SDSF Printer Display and Forms Management

RJE Management

  • RJE Device Naming Conventions
  • RJE Lines and Remotes Management; JES2 Commands and
    SDSF Line Display
  • Rerouting Job Output

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Broadcast Message Commands
  • PF Key Management

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