Cisco firewall

In 2011, many businesses in a variety of industries were subject to data breaches that left company records and client information compromised. As a result, American companies both large and small are investing more heavily in full-time professionals that they can dedicate to securing their information from an incident that could potentially harm their reputation and the trust they've built with clients.

As such, IT professionals who are looking to enter a fast-growing niche sector of a field may be wise to take online courses that can help them bolster their skills with Cisco Firewall. Since many businesses rely on the company's networks for voice and data communications, training in this specialization with a certified instructor can be just what IT professionals need to jump start their career.

However, the path to a Cisco certification and the title of Cisco Firewall Security Specialist may be a long one. Interested industry workers may want to look for comprehensive online course catalogs from a provider that offers multiple classes that they can take to achieve the necessary skills they need to advance to this top-level designation.

For example, Cisco recommends that individuals who want to obtain this title first take exams such as the Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions and Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches tests. And since the certification needs to be renewed every two years, having the help of a dedication education provider that can allow them to easily prepare for this renewal at a low cost can be a valuable asset for those in the field.

But, while the path to becoming a Cisco Firewall Security Specialist is long, it can be a lucrative endeavor. Research from suggests most professionals in this field garner salaries of more than $50,000, with some even topping the six-figure mark.

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