Mongo Database Administration

This Mongo Database Administration class is a 3 day instructor led class designed for experienced DBA’s.

Class Outline:
Introduction to Mongo Databases

● Creating, Updating, and Deleting Documents
● Querying

Designing Your Application

● Indexing
● Special Index and Collection Types
● Aggregation
● Application Design
● Using JSON

● Setting Up a Replica Set
● Components of a Replica Set
● Connecting to a Replica Set from Your Application
● Administration

● Introduction to Sharding
● Configuring Sharding
● Choosing a Shard Key
● Sharding Administration

Application Administration
● Seeing What Your Application Is Doing
● Data Administration
● Durability

Server Administration
● Starting and Stopping MongoDB
● Monitoring MongoDB
● Making Backups
● Deploying MongoDB

● Choosing a Version
● Windows Install

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